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Thinking of buying that dream car? Driving to work or school has been a dream all these while for you? But you realised that you do not have so much cash on hand to buy that car. Fret not, most people in the current economy context are unable to fully paid for their cars before driving them out from the show rooms. Car loans were typically used to service the loan for the amount needed to purchase that dream car of yours.

With Payday Loan, Car Loan is a flexible loan for purchasing of automobile that will be set as the collateral with a long loan period typically up to 10 years with a fixed rate interest on a monthly basis.

Please note that it is required of you to present all the relevant information before applying the loan. This prompt submission of the necessary details will ensure that your loan is processed effectively and swiftly to avoid any unnecessary delays caused by documentations. The basic proof of income as well as employment information that includes your most recent pay advice or any relevant letter from your employer that indicates clearly the income details, the most recent tax assessment form and employer details for the past five years is required during any form of loans with Payday Loan. 

We also require you to provide all the debts in the form of credit cards, mortgage and other miscellaneous loans that you are currently undertaking.  We will take your repayment history together with credit history in our consideration before releasing the loan to you. All information and details with regards to the vehicle that you intend to purchase has to be furnished to us, as it will be used as a collateral for such Car Loans. Contact Us for more details now.